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My Pomeranian is going in to the vetrinarian to have its teeth cleaned. I am frightened that something may happen to her during the procedure.
From Linda Maatman/email:

I have two poms who really predispose to dental problems. One had lost a number of teeth before I ever got her and despite lots of regular brushing (even flossing) they still require cleaning by the vet every 12-18 months. The vet always uses Isoflourane so they are out from the anesthetic as soon as possible. I always have a pre-anesthetic profile done. It costs an extra $30 or so but is worth it for my peace of mind because at least it is something of safeguard. So far, everything has gone OK. I just had my 10 yr old female done a week ago and she did just fine although she had some problems afterwards due to a collapsed trachea. We also learned she has a much enlarged heart. Still, despite all that, she came thru the dentistry just fine and also removal of a small tumor. A vet and a technican worked on her together BTW to faciliate what needed to be done as rapidly as possible because they don't like to keep these little guys under any longer than absolutely necessary.
I understand how fright-ening it is. Unfortunately severe periodontal disease can lead to severe bone and blood infections and death if left untreated. I'd suggest trying to accustom your dogs to letting you clean their teeth. Try some of the solutions which help break down plaque (made for dogs) and try to keep the cleanings to a minimum.
From Claire Lancz/email:

I have never had a Pom that lost their baby teeth on their own. I always took them in between 5 and 6 months of age to have them removed. Toys are notorious for having bad teeth, retained baby teeth only add to the problems giving bacteria more places for hide. Also, the retained ones push the adult teeth out of alignment.
From Patty Griffin/email:

Angel also has two teeth that did not fall out when her adult teeth came in. She is only 7 months old. The vet said that I had to get them pulled. I dread the thought of having her put out cold, but that is the only way he will pull them. I am having a hard time taking her in to have this done as I fear something might go wrong and she might not wake up. I think I might take your advise and wait and see if they come out on their own. I am showing her, but at this point were mostly just getting used to showing and its okay if we don't win. My pet Pom is 8 years old now, and I don't recall having this problem with her teeth. Any suggestions on to get them pulled or not, or how long to wait and see if they fall out naturally?
From Sandra Johnson/email:

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