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Correct Pom size and The "teacup" Issue

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I was told by a breeder that the puppy I am interested in is a teacup sized Pomeranian and as such would be more expensive. Is this true? I am interested in buying her to breed and maybe show.
From Foy Boswell Jr./email:

The [U.S.] breed standard says a Pom is 3-7 pounds. Bigger or smaller is just that -big/small; there is no recognized "teacup" Pom. This puppy will probably be under 5 pounds based on what you've said, and unless you have a lot of money, courage, and become VERY informed, breeding her would be unwise, unless of course you don't care if it kills her. The size of the male doesn't necessarily reflect in the birth size of the pups. Price varies by area. Enjoy your new baby and give her an excellent home!
From Brenda Hutton/email:

See the New American Pomeranian Standard

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