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How Do I Know What A Show Quality Pom Looks Like?

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The best advice to give to anyone looking for a show quality Pom is KNOW THE STANDARD. That is what judges are suppose to use when evaluating dogs in the ring. Next, subscribe to Pom-related magazines and study the dogs you see in them. You will notice that even though there is a standard, there are subtle differences between different breeding lines. Find what appeals to you most and then pursue buying a puppy from one of the breeders who breed those particular lines. You may end up waiting for a while, being put on a waiting list, or having to demonstrate a sincere desire to the breeder for one of his/her puppies. There is also a big difference in being sold a show prospect and buying a guaranteed show quality puppy (price-wise too). If you buy a show prospect, than you are taking a chance that the puppy may not turn out to be show quality. Usually when you buy a guaranteed show quality puppy, the breeder will replace the puppy should it not turn out to be finishable. In any case, get everything in writing up front in the form of a contract. Get everything spelled out clearly in the beginning and all parties will understand what is expected. Be forewarned, even though you may get such a contract, collecting on a contract when things go wrong is very difficult. It depends on the integrity of the breeder. Also join as many dog clubs, whether breed-specific or all-breed clubs, as you can. However, if you do find Pom breeders in any of these clubs do not immediately buy from his/her kennel. It is worth getting advise from them and then to think on it for a little while.
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