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Pomeranian Clubs - Web Pages Know of any other Pom clubs with web pages? We will gladly supply a link to any pom-related pages who will offer a return link back to our site. Please email us the URL.

Pomeranian Personal Pages If you would like us to add a link to your page, please email your URL. We will gladly supply links to any pom-related pages who will offer a return link back to our site.

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General Dog-Related Sites

Canine Connections


For Other General Dog Care Information,

Try rec.pets.dogs FAQ Homepage

rec.pets.dogs (the Usenet group) offers a variety of FAQ's (frequently asked questions) to answer general questions people have about dogs. These are the most up-to-date versions as they are the master copies. All of these files, except those that note otherwise, are copyright by Cindy Tittle Moore.

Email Lists

Breed-Ring Mailing List

BREED-RING is a discussion list for and about canine conformation shows. It attempts to provide meaningful information about the world of canine conformation showing and breeding with a high signal-to-noise ratio. Almost anything that may reasonably be seen to have a relationship to canine conformation may be posted here. This includes, but is not limited to, breed standards, handling methods, training, breeding and health issues related to conformation and showing, ring etiquette, grooming tips, brags, etc.
To subscribe to Breed-Ring send email to:
Subject: Add no text on the subject line.
Add to the body of the message: SUB BREED-RING Yourfirstname Yourlastname [in the text area of the message]
Subscription requests are not automatic for this list. Your request will be forwarded to for approval.

ShowDogs Mailing List

SHOWDOGS-L is a discussion forum for all breed conformation issues. Absolutely anything that has anything to do with conformation, either directly or indirectly, may be discussed here, such as structure, standards, temperament, health issues, brags, contracts (selling puppies, breeding, co-ownerships, for example), friendly chat, etc. This, however, is NOT a place for flame wars, comments about specific judges, or blatant commercials. For example, litter announcements are welcome, but attempts to use the list to sell the puppies are not. It is okay to ASK about specific judges but comments should be sent in private email. Also, the presence of any breeder on this list is not to be construed as a recommendation by the list owners or administrators.
To subscribe to Showdogs the email address is: LISTSERV@MAIL.EWORLD.COM
Subject: Add no text on the subject line.
Add to the body of the message: subscribe SHOWDOGS-L Yourfirstname Yourlastname [in the text area of the message]

SmallDogs Mailing List

Information about the Smalldog Listserv
What is the Smalldog Listserv? Smldog-L is an e-mail list devoted to small dog breeds, including all "toy" breeds as classified by AKC, the small breeds in the non-sporting group, small terriers and crosses. There are over 200 small dog owners who share their love for, questions about, and knowledge of small dogs on Smalldog Listserv. Its members come from throughout the world, and range from experienced breeders to new small dog owners (some members do not even own a small dog). The Smalldog Listserv is owned by Shirley Varmette
To subscribe send the following e-mail message to:
Subject: [leave this line blank]
In the body of the message: subscribe SMLDOG-L [your-name]
To avoid confusing the listerv computer, do not send a signature with your message. After you have successfully subscribed you will receive an e-mail explaining how to communicate with the other members of the list. Please save that e-mail for future reference.

ToyDogs Mailing List

Information about the toydogs-l mailing list.
Toydogs-l is intended for those who are interested in the discussion of the breeding, care, showing and general discussion of dog breeds belonging to the AKC toy group. This in an unmoderated list.
To subscribe send an email message to:
Subject: [Leave This Line Blank]
In the body of the message put: subscribe toydogs-l
If you need any help subscribing or have additional questions contact: (Scott Armstrong, list admin)

Want MORE mailing lists info? Click here.

Pomeranian Newsletter

Although not as real-time as a mailing list, the Pomeranian Newsletter is sent weekly to a list of subscribers via email. It contains a wealth of information. To subscribe to this newsletter, email Chris Galley who is the created and maintains the newsletter.


Newsgroups are public bulletin boards that allow individuals to post questions and responses. Most newsgroups have their own "code of ethics" which you should become familiar with. "Lurking" (just reading) a newsgroup of interest for a few months is suggested so that you can get some idea of the types of questions/responses which are appropriate to post. I recommend the following newsgroup for those interested in purebred dogs. Below is the address. Just click on it and it should open in your "news" reader. Once you have accessed the site, you may need to tell you news reader to subscribe to that particular newsgroup.


Dog-Based Games For Humans
And Other Fun Dog Sites

Fetch the stick. Sounds easy enough, but whether you're a mutt or a "dumb, yapping poodle," Drool makes a dog's life difficult. Evil tykes, funny-looking fellows and airport terrorists impede your quest to return a stick to your master in this text-based, choose-your-own-adventure game. Frustrated by your every attempt to be a good dog, you set off through Boston looking for your grail--your master's stick. You'll ride the subway, wander through Harvard Square, hike MIT's Infinite Corridor, wait in line at the Hard Rock Cafe and nose around in Dumpsters. Fail in your search and face that awful evil, your master's disapproval. Succeed and you'll bask in his affection. Either way, you'll get to explore a virtual Boston and play in one of the most imaginative and innovative games we've seen in a long time. This dog's life ain't so bad. (Last Reviewed by BIGSURF .)

Virtual Dog Show--Dog Shows Held in Cyberspace


Just For Fun Dog Sites



American Kennel Club
And Dog Show Superintendent Sites


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