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Pom Legs-Dislocating Kneecaps (Luxating Patellas)

Maintainted by Susann Philbrook

[Commentary] Luxating Patellas refers to the kneecaps on the hind legs of a dog popping in and out of place. This is a common problem among toy breeds. Surgery on severe cases of luxating patellas is usually required. Knees that dislocate on rare occasions will usually get better on their own (especially if the dog is confined to less activity). Allowing a Pom to jump off of high places, climb up and down stairs, or not curbing a dog that likes to do a lot of jumping up and down can not only result in mild to severe damage to their knees, your Pom may end up with a broken leg. Best recommendation is to train your dog not to partake in strenuos jumping. Sue Philbrook

Cookie seems to limp sometimes on her right hind leg. I spoke to the vet and he suggested an x-ray and that he may have to keep her in over night to correct the problem of her knee going out. Is there any suggestions of other ways to correct this other than surgery.
From: Douglas Vater/email:

Sandy has had that problem for several years, and we had noticed that it seems to go away when she is the center of attention. The vet told me that it could *possibly* be cured with surgery although there is always a chance that it would not be. He also told me that it is an inherited problem with Poms - the result of lots of in-breeding. Sandy is 14 1/2 years old and it does not stop her from doing anything her heart desires.
From Debbie Morrison/email:

Our 9-year old Pom, Nugget, is also prone to limping occasionally. Our vet said that Poms are predisposed to knee problems and this will happen sometimes. Also with our dog, he may be getting a bit of arthritis.
From Roy Michaelson/email: 75362,

I have been told by my breeder and trainer that Poms have a weakness as a breed of luxating patellas which is almost always corrected surgically. I am interested to hear if this is the diagnosis for Cookie.
From Teresa Connors/email:

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