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Trouble house training a Pomeranian puppy or an adult dog.

Respectfully I highly recommend that you RUN to a local puppy training class. Your pup, who is only a BABY after all, needs CONSISTENT, PATIENT, GENTLE training from you. She was not born knowing English and is not a mind reader. Your note indicates to me that you would benefit greatly from a training class, which in turn would help you to make your Pom the wonderful pet you desire. We could write you a book here on the mistakes you are making, but you really need someone to see you, coach you, and help you learn the proper way to train you puppy.
From Brenda Hutton/email:

First, you have to remember that a 16 week old Pom is like a 6 month old baby. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of repetition. If you take the pup outside, put newspapers next to the door inside the house and always take the pup out that same door. If the pup has an accident, do not scold it, rather pick it up immediately and take it outside.
They do not understand words as much as action at this age. The pet supply stores also have "piddle papers" you might try next to the door. A rule of thumb would be to take it outside after waking and after eating. Likely it eats just after it wakes up, which is why it goes again so soon. Playing will also get the metabolism up, so when it is playing, you should take it out often. When my Pom pups are playing in my living room, I take then out every 10 minutes or so. Patience, patience. Poms are very, very smart.
From Janet Lucido/email:

First of all at 16 weeks your Pom is still just a baby. She can't hold it very long - as with any baby. On the Prodigy BBs is a terrific lady that does Crate training notes - you may have to backdate to get her notes - I think there are 2 of them back to back - look for HOW TO CRATE TRAIN. Her name is Gloria Dittmann - she can help tremendously. If her notes aren't on the board - wait a day or two and look again. She posts them on a regular basis. If you can't find them let me know cause I also have them.
From Ursula Taylor/email:

Try these on for size. I have recomended this method of training for many years.
This is basically to help housetrain a male dog. Take a tube sock and sew it flat. On the side that will be against the dog, attach a feminine panty liner (you may need to adjust the kind used depending on how bad the dog wets, it will take a few uses before you know what type to use). Wrap the sock around the dog's waist so that it covers the dog's penis and fits snug, mark on the ends where you need to sew some velcro in order to make the belt easy to take on an off. Make about a half dozen of these so that you can easily replace them when they become soiled. The beauty of this is that male dogs especially hate to go on themselves. Just remember to remove the belt and let the dog outside often so he has a chance to do his business outside. Also it is important to change these when they become soiled. If you leave them on for too long when they are soiled, your dog can develop a urinary track infection, or his skin can become inflamed (just like diaper rash). I have found this to work with some dogs that I thought were beyond housebreaking, but it worked great!
For females, you can try buying the smallest sized training panties for children and washing them in hot water, put them on the dog backwards so that the side that would normally be used against a child's stomach, is being used on the dog's back. Try them on the dog and determine where you need to cut a hole for the tail. Insert a panty liner so that fits inside the panties and is up against the female's privates (again you may need to adjust which type of panty liner or napkin is used based on the amount of absorbancy needed). You may need to sew a velcro enclosure over the back to take up the slack if the panties sag on the dog. Again the same rules apply, check them often and make sure they are not soiled (bowl movements are not pleasant when using panties!). Take her out often so that she is allowed to relieve herself.
From Susann Philbrook

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