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I am really having a time of it with Ginger. Ginger will not eat, even when our other Pom, Muffin, is away from the dish. She will wait for the snacks. If she gets to the point where her stomach growls, we are really in trouble because she gets so frightened by this experience. She starts to tremble. At this point I do cook some rice with their dog food and try to get something in her so her stomach won't growl are scare her. We also starting to feed them a little later in the morning as we think the 5:30 am is too early. They just get out of bed & I have fed them right away even though they haven't played, etc. I am also going to let my husband feed (he normally feeds them on the night shift) them as I think Ginger really is picking up my vibes, my frustration, and at times exasperation. I love these girls!
From Rena Lindgren/email:

Jani and Alison
We used to have a difficult time getting our dog, Milla, to eat. She is still very picky. We've tried several different recipes to get her to eat something. At first we tried just to give her dry food and that didn't work. She just wouldn't eat. So then we tried to mix it with ground beef. This was eaten more often but still rejected at some points. Here are some things we fix for our dog:
1. Try soaking the food (Dry food) in hot tap water for about 15 to 30 minutes and give that to your dog.
2. Try soaking as above and smashing it, then mixing it with milk.
You can also try that combination with ground beef. She generally eats that. Its now to the point that we feed her every other day. She just won't eat otherwise. She is very happy and energetic. We feed her Royal Canin, or Eukanuba (premium). I think these are for very active or dogs that don't eat much so that they get all the energy that they need. She also gets an oil vitamin supplement every day.
From: Jani 'Dii' Kanala and Alison/email:

Try cooked rice with a little turkey baby food mixed in. Your current dog food may actually be giving your Pom a stomach ache (like some food gives people heartburn). The rice and baby food is very bland yet palatable. You could also try going to a lamb and rice dry food which is also bland yet palatable. Our Pom actually eats the lamb and rice dry food out of hand like a treat. She loves it.
From Phyllis Johnson/email:

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