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My two Poms (3 months and 9 months) are keeping me up at night and making me late for work. I have tried every sleeping situation I can think of and nothing works. Every morning at 3:00 or 3:30 they both wake up and bark, wine, cry and want to play! I have tried sleeping with the older (because he has slept with me since day one), and locking the other out of the room; sleeping with the older and letting the little one sleep in the room on the floor; both of them in bed (BIG MISTAKE) -- they would either play most of the night, or the little one would have an accident! (Thank goodness I have a water bed); me on the couch, the guys on the floor; me on the couch with the little one, the big one on the floor; both of them locked out...and nothing works. They both wake up and stay up for at least an hour. I'm at my wits end. ANY ADVICE would be much appreciated.
From Melanie Bailey/email: (Melanie Bailey)

First thing to do is buy your little ones their own crates. I would advise Vari-Kennel 100's if they are 3-7 lbs. This will probably be tough for you, but you must get them into a schedule. My Poms all go to bed at 9 p.m. and get up at 7 a.m., and rarely do they have an accident in their crates. It will take 3-4 days of complaining before they settle down and start to behave, maybe longer because they have had the freedom of your bedroom. Cover crates with towels and when they bark, slap the crate firmly and say: "No". Sometimes it is best if you do nothing and let them wear themselves out. Take earplugs to bed and keep a firm resolve. You will win in the end. Oh, by the way, put the crates in one place and leave them, preferably not in your bedroom.
From Joyce Rife/email:

I have a 7 month old and crate him (with the exception of feeding him in the crate). We leave the door open so he can go in and out as he pleases. He has even figured out when bed time is and goes in there by himself! The door is closed at night also. I feel part of the reason my Pom "Buddy" is such a good boy is because we've used the crate since his first day with us. I did try to leave him out at night about a month back, but that didn't work -- all he did was cry all night be with us! I think he feels much safer and secure in his "den."
From Kim Pahl/email:

I have a neighbor who has had the same problem with her two Poms - whining and asking to go out, scratching at the door to get out of the bedroom, etc. So she now has them sleeping soundly in separate carry cases. At first I thought it sounded a bit severe, but the dogs do get used to it, and even now act as if they regard their carry cases as a safe haven. Of course each case has a wire screen door. The can see out, but they can't GET out to play, etc. They still sleep in her bedroom, quietly in their cases, on the floor next to her bed.
From Patricia Akkad/email:

You are going to have to crate your dogs. Get a book on the subject. It is the best way to train puppies to your schedule for both sleeping, eating and house breaking! They are still young enough. When they get older you might be able to have them sleep with you but until they get over puppyhood it is unlikely.
From Teresa Connors/email:

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