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How can I stop my Pom(s) from barking too much?

I have a 3.5 year old Pom named "Squishy" who likes to bark as well. Although I can't keep her from yapping at times, I've gotten to the point where I can usually shoot her a dirty look and point my finger. By telling her "NO" in a low, drawn out voice while pointing my finger at her, she's learned this is not a desirable action. When she stops the barking, I give her praise. Now, when she barks, or does any other "bad" thing I simply point "the finger" and she bounces over to me, waiting for the praise or recognition. I love my Pom, and wouldn't trade her for anything!
From Diana Serden/email:

Bitter Apple--My Poms started the barking habit and I quickly broke them of it by keeping a tube of bitter apple handy. When they would start barking (it must be a non-stop type barking) I would just squeeze a tiny amount on my finger and wipe it off on their tongue...Now , if they start barking and I even look like I'm going to go get the tube they quiet almost immediately. It won't happen immediately, give it some time and they will finally get the message that you are trying to send out to them.
From J.D. Hendrickson/email:

Use water guns or spray bottles filled with water. Keep a few throughout your house so that they are easy to get to when needed. The minute your Pom starts barking, squirt the dog square in the face while saying "No" or "No barking" in a harsh voice. Even my dogs that love chasing the hose outside start to cringe when they see a water bottle. After awhile, all you will need to do is show them the water bottle or water gun and they will stop barking. Trust me, when I can quiet a kennel full of Poms, there is no reason why this shouldn't work for you too.
From Susann Philbrook/email:

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