Welcome to Sue's Pomerama Universe presenting information about Pomeranian care and ownership including an extensive list of FAQs, yummy dog treat recipes, dog poems, Pomeranian stories, and links to other WWW Pomeranian and dog-related websites.

The Pomerama will also provide information on my dogs through a trip to Philbrook's Fancy Kennel, special TV moments starring my little cherubs, and additional photos and pedigrees.

This site will continue to evolve over time so please bookmark this page. Hope you have fun while learning some neat stuff about Pomeranians. Enjoy!

Pomerama Contents:
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Pomeranian FAQ List 
List of Delectable Dog Biscuit Recipes
Stories for Pomeranian Lovers, Add Your Story Now!
Dog Poems 
Links To Other Pomeranian and Dog-Related Sites
The Pooch Palace -- Ye Ol' Doggie Gift Shoppe
Finally, We've Created A Club Just For You!

About My Dogs And Kennel Known As Philbrook's Fancy Kennel:
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My Kennel Pages
See What Puppies Are Available From Philbrook's Fancy
See What Older Adults Are Available For Placement
My Little TV Stars
Additional Pom Pictures, Pedigrees, etc. 

The Pomerama is in the book!

The Pomerama is soooo proud to have been reviewed in the following publication. Please visit their site for more information on how to obtain a copy of the book entitled: "Dogs On The Web" (MIS: Press 1997) a link to their site follows the Pomerama's review.

   "Hailing proudly from Germany is the smallest member of what is known as the spitz family of dogs. The Samoyed, the Keeshond, the Wolf Spitz, the Alaskan Malamute, and the Pomeranian, too, all share the same thick double coat, the curled tail, the indomitable spirit, and the wolfy/foxy profile. The Pom is just the smallest of the clan, and here Susann Lillian Philbrook provides this wee animal with a dramatic Web site that reflects its nature quite appropriately.
   Set against a backdrop of black, highlighted by the Pom's sprightly expression, the Pomerama home page welcomes browsers in with a friendly hello. What awaits is a great deal of information about Pomeranians, including a detailed FAQ list, dog-treat recipes, poetry, links to other Pom sites, and personal and fictional stories. You may even stop by Ye Ol' Pomeranian Gift Shoppe, which offers Pom enthusiasts a variety of collars, cleaning supplies, Pom-motif clothes, and gift items.
Indeed the choices available from the home page run the gamut from the fun to the serious and everything in between. Take a look at the Pomeranian FAQ List, for example, accessible with a click from the home page. This takes you to what is essentially a separate and distinct home page all its own, offering hyperlink access to General Information, Training, and Health, the latter area offering candid presentations of health conditions, such as luxating patellas (dislocated kneecaps), hair loss, and skin diseases, to which the Pom can be susceptible.
   The Pomerama enables browsers to become intimately acquainted with a small dog that, according to its new AKC breed standard, should be "cocky, commanding, and animated as he gaits," even though he weighs all of three to seven pounds."

Thanks MIS!
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